How to Find Most Searched Words on Youtube

Some people are currently shifting their habit of accessing information. Google is still the main choice, but Youtube has now turned into a much-loved search engine.
In addition to more specific searches on Youtube and in the form of moving images or videos, easier internet access has also changed the style of netizens in using technology. No wonder the users of Youtube in WorldWide are bigger than Wikipedia.

In Alexa rankings, Youtube also occupies a strategic seat as a popular site in Indonesia. It even beat Yahoo, Google's rival search engine. Youtube is in fourth position behind Facebook and Google in position one and two (Google.com).

popularity of Youtube has also accompanied many YouTubers born in Swedish. They produce interesting video content and make it watched by many people. Big income is waiting in front of our eyes. Many have felt this already, one of which is PewDiePie.

Because of its position which is aligned with Google, Youtube can also be analyzed properly. For those who really make Youtube a field of making money, it is also necessary to know what words are most searched for on Youtube.

If the tutorial on how to find out the most searched words on Google must have been made by many other bloggers, but specifically for Youtube, maybe only a few. Actually, the method taken is almost the same as how to find out popular words on Google.
more details, see the steps below.

First go to the Google.com/trends page  .
Once open, a page will appear like the following. In the Explore section, there are four options provided. There is Contry (select US), there is Time (select the target time that you want to research), there is Category (you can select all of them or be more specific to one theme) and finally there is a Group. In this group we choose Youtube Search. In this section five things can be used.

google trends

The results will appear below complete with search data. There is data on search rhythm as well as words and themes that are searched for. As the example below, for the Pets & Animals category in WorldWide throughout 2020. The word most searched for on Youtube is "TikTok". Funny too, because TikTok is considered an animal.

Okay, please experiment on your own. In the section there are many times that can be done and used as data to create interesting content. By knowing popular words on Youtube, we can also develop a development strategy.
Hopefully useful and don't forget to be happy!

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