Monetize YouTube video

In this digital era, there are many opportunities that we can take advantage of making money, from online businesses, buying and selling online, so selegram and of course the most desirable is to become a YouTuber, so many new creator content that has sprung up, for which YouTuber just started or who want to Monetize YouTube videos that you have

Here are tips from Google that must be considered when watching a video on a YouTube account

  • Main theme
  • The most watched videos
  • Latest video
  • The biggest proportion of watch time
  • Video metadata (including title, thumbnail and description)

Topics (content content) are strictly prohibited

  • Say impolite words
  • Violence
  • Adult content
  • Risk or dangerous actions
  • Hateful content
  • Incite and demean
  • Drugs and drug related content
  • Tobacco-related content
  • Gun related content
  • Controversial issues and sensitive events
  • Mature themes in family content


Creative Commons License on YouTube
Is a license from content creator that allows others to use his work

Monetize (monetize) YouTube videos
To find out YouTube videos that use License
Creative Commons on YouTube

Click search diyoutube type what YouTube video you want to look for, take a search filter, select it
Creative Commons on YouTube

Hopefully this article useful

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