How to Succeed online Business

When we, you and I want to start an online business and really want to create digital business opportunities to make money on the internet, here are a few tips on how to start building a digital business.

1. Create a Gmail email name for Business

For the initial steps to build a digital business it is strongly recommended to create a new Gmail email ID in accordance with our business name.

And this email will also be the basis for us to create other business accounts such as those on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
For example, yourbusinessname@email.com (gmail)

2. Brand name of the online business Social media

Before buying a domain name on google domain or on web hosting for the website to be built, the next step is to create a user name / business name that matches the web domain on all social media platforms.

So a web domain name is an online identity, look for a name that has a selling value, attractive or appropriate business image that you will create.

Having accounts on various social media platforms will be very helpful, because the followers or followers (Instagram) are our potential customers (sales) for future business progress.

And most mandatory we must have a YouTube account. Because YouTube can provide its own benefits even though YouTube continues to change its policies from time to time and the latest policy changes make it especially difficult for beginner YouTubers to monetize their YouTube accounts, YouTube account requirements can be monetized:

Have 1000 or more customers

4000 hours of watch time in the last 365 days

Be at least 30 days old

Have photos uploaded as channel icons

Uploaded channel art

3. Start with social media

If we already have a brand, product name or whatever for example an internet business or an easy way to make money on youtube, I will build a brand image on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram by starting to share our brand content and build an audience for our products later.

4. Buy a Domain Name

Because online identity is long-term, it is important to register your web domain name with a trusted domain registration service.

My recommendation for the best domain name registration is Google Domains,

5. Learn Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool for seeing website growth. see our web visitors.

6. Register ads (adsense, fbads)

As a new website, of course we want our website to be able to pageone on google or there is a lot of traffic but it might be a bit difficult because of the competition from web SEO masters who are experts in the world of keywords, one of which is the way I recommend advertising your website on google adsenses, cheap fbads how come with just 50 thousand capital, and pay can also use a Mandiri bank account,

That's all the tips from this blog, hopefully useful, digital porters greetings

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